Analyst says RIM will sell 3.3 million BlackBerry PlayBooks by February 2012

With tablet wars heating up – to name a few we’ve got the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook. It’s expected that the PlayBook will be released in the February 2011 for an estimated $500 (USD).

In the first month of sales Apple sold 1 million iPads and Samsung recently announced 600,000 of the Galaxy Tabs have been sold. But what are analysts saying about RIM’s PlayBook? Oppenheimer analyst Ittai Kidron says that RIM will sell 100,000 PlayBook units in the fiscal Q4 ending Feb. 28th. In addition, Kidron estimates that for the fiscal 2012 year RIM will have successfully sold 3.2 million units for a combined total of 3.3 million PlayBooks.

Kidron stated that “If executed properly, the PlayBook could help RIM defend its enterprise leadership against intensifying competition from Apple, Android and WP7. With that said, much uncertainty remains and we’re not convinced RIM has successfully addressed its competitive smartphone gaps.”

3.3 million units multiplied by $500 = $1,650,000,000. I’d be pleased with that number.

Source: ZDNet
Via: BlackBerry Rocks