Mobilicity Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 now available!


  • Nadeem


  • Artbungler

    Good of them to add this phone, but it’s pretty over priced for what it is. Slow updated crappy phone, w/ sony’s ugly skin on.

    • Aret Mazmanyan

      While I agree that it is extremely overpriced, it is NOT slow, and it is NOT a crappy phone whatsoever. And Sony’s TimeScape/MediaScape is not ugly if you’re really into social networking. With its recent upgrade to 2.1, it is actually useable for those looking for an iPhone alternative.

      I’m thinking you actually never used the device before.

  • Chuck

    at least it’s in stock. not like the Nexus One

  • Karam

    They’ve been making some very good choices with their lineup so far. They’re doing a good job of distinguishing themselves from Wind and their crappy phone selection!

    At least they have brands that people heard of, unlike Wind and their obsession with Huawei

    • Aret Mazmanyan

      I totally agree. Do people even buy Huawei phones? Man, I feel sorry if they actually do.

  • Kody

    Anyone know if the stores have stock yet?

  • Artbungler

    @Aret Mazmanyan I’m thinking you didn’t even read my reply since I said it’s slow updated. It JUST got updated to 2.1, 2.2 has been out for a long while now and 2.3 is a month away.

  • darylscool

    Aret proabably owns an x10, so has to console himself about it not being slow and crappy. The reality is Sony Ericsson makes slow and crappy phones..

    But back to my main point of this post. Good job mobilicity! Wind should be ashamed of their lack of high end phone selection. Instead of extending their promotions, they should work on extending their phone lineup before they get left behind.

  • AbeZ

    The phone WAS slow when it had the 1.6 os on it but since getting the 2.1 os on it there has been very little lag on it and it added some good features too. Overall its a good phone.

  • Urban Elitist

    LOL about Wind’s obsession with Huawei, it must be thieir connection to the parent company…notice Alcatel, too.

    This is still a very decent phone, with update to 2.2 in 2011 Q1.

    Can anyone comment if you also need to buy a plan (say minimum one month) to purchase the phone (I am aware it is contract free)from Mobilicity. Meaning just walk-in, buy phone plus taxes, and you can swap mobilicity sim card you already own into this new phone.

  • JAWG

    Even with slow updates the phone is great…however just like the N N900 on Wind it will be poor on Mobilicity until the network improves which could be a far time away.Do you really want to spend that much money just to use it as a paper weight or to impress your friends…plus they most likely have limited quantities.

  • Zeake

    Mobilicity Now = What Wireless could be.
    Movilicity In the Future = What wireless should be!

  • tbr

    I must say that Mobilicity is picking up steam with the phone selection. In fact I am thinking of getting a chap phone with them to try out for a month in Vancouver.

    Well done Mobilicity.

  • JAWG


    If you do that PLEASE let us know what you think of the service/network in BC after some use as I trust you more and the fact I’m very curious…THANKS!!!

  • Andy C

    gotta agree with AbeZ

    the 2.1 update makes the x10 a completely different phone.

    multi touch is coming next year (better late then never)

  • tbr

    I will JAWG probably tomorrow. I was at HoFO and I have not heard that many bad issues with Mobilicity in Vancouver the way you hear about wind. Many of the negative posts come from wind trolls which is ironic as these clowns claim to want competition in Canadian Wireless but they only support windy. This makes me think they are windy employees or affiliates so I disregard their comments. Anyway, a $50 phone and one month will give me an idea what they are worth.

  • JAWG

    Good man tbr…as I said I trust you!

    Mobi is not my cup of tea yet because of the way they are acting and their direction,still if things change in the future I may try them again and if I do I’ll definitely up-date you…I’m curious about the dropped calls as I had many in Richmondhill just north of Toronto but not as bad as Wind.Also text messages were lost without arriving and CS at the stores I went to were absolutely awful.Thanks again!

  • Regulator

    Wow Jawg u and tbr are first class bum buds

    • MXM4K

      Your little flame war with JAWG is getting rather tiresome to be honest. I don’t always agree with your view, and I rarely agree with JAWG, but you two seriously need to just live and let be.

      Just because someone is ‘wrong’ on the internet doesn’t mean it is your sacred duty to ‘correct’ them at every turn.

  • Applesucks

    There not bankrupt yet?

  • Canadude

    Although I’m not sure I can bring myself to pay that much for it…it’s still a great addition to their line-up!

  • RasGhul


    Leave Reg alone some of us agree with him and find his posts humerous and entertaining. jog on the other hand has qn obsession with Wind bashing. I tried wind not my cup of tea because i need to go travel alot but it aint as bad as foolio jog says

  • Andrew

    It would be great if Mobilicity would sell all their Android handsets unlocked like the Nexus One…

    • Max

      I think all phones sold by Mobilicity are unlocked. Phones sold through them are not subsidized.


    JAWG, Son please behave.


  • gord

    still waitng for the lg phone when and if its in im in 25.oo plan good deal

  • JAWG


    You seem to be more nasty at night…increase your medication!


    Cool handle Bro!
    In any case,whether you agree with me or not is not the point as that is your choice and at least you never hear me trying to ban people unlike some who just want to destroy free speech so they can only be heard…in that way Regulator is truly pathetic in the tactics he uses and a COWARD as I said.So direct your thoughts to him…I’m just voicing opinions that are more genuine than his.

    @Justin Credible:

    Who says I’m against foreign companies coming in or foreigners (as long as they’re not illegals or bogus refugees) if done right,yet under the PRESENT regulations providers have to be Canadian owned and Wind is definitely not…what makes matters worse is that they are controlled by one of the most corrupt Telcos in the world and if you believe allowing more like them into the country will save our industry you certainly are smoking too much pot.Furthermore,Clement clearly broke the rules losing all credibility in making his under the table deal with no disclosures whatsoever and he’s a total joke…don’t think any policy he puts together will solve our problems and in 25 years time your relatives will be on here also talking about the good old days when Rogers/Bell/Telus ran the country.You know what they say about the grass being greener on the other side and the only thing predator corporations like Orascom bring to countries is weeds since that is clear from their record considering their only purpose in going to N Korea for example was to hide their funds in the banks they built there…do a little homework and come to your own conclusions after the research.

    If done right I would love to see a more fair playing field with great foreign companies coming in,competition that means something and not necessarily lower rates if the performance is great as I don’t really care if teens get to use their Androids at a cheaper cost to impress their friends and stronger networks…I want changes to benefit all and like I said in another thread thank God all Canadians are not as dumb as some here where you decide with no logic.No wonder you don’t know how to sign contracts and blame others for your own ignorance.


    I will admit Regulator is entertaining…just like a circus monkey1Still,I would respect a monkey’s opinions more then him and I guess some of you have similar traits…just like the Fake JAWG aka Regulator that thinks he can make his case with insults.Now that is absolutely brilliant and reflects Wind’s attitude.

    Furthermore,it’s not Wind Bashing…it’s giving the facts about the company by not just hearing one side and allowing people to decide for themselves…something Regulator/Windies fear while they’re good at lying about the Big Three out of simple hate/ignorance.

  • Regulator


    Just disregard JAWG. He’s been sniffing glue again, so I hear.

  • JAWG

    And Reg has been sniffing Brucie’s Azz…as we all know!

  • Max


  • Max

    I believe all phones sold through Mobilicity are unlocked.

  • jesusguy

    can i use the xperia x 10 without a data plan just $25 plan?

  • jesusguy

    can i use xperia x 10 without data plan just $25 plan?