TELUS BlackBerry Style 9670 listed for $49.99 on 3-year at Future Shop


  • Sammy

    what? That’s gotta be wrong because you can get a bold for only $50 more.

    • Jarrod

      Considering the style has the exact same specs as the bold just a flip version instead

  • 2 Yr Contract

    Considering that BB services bring more revenue to operators that phone should be $300 no contract and $50 on TWO years.

    With the 8530 and PEARL STILL around and at $350;and with the Curve at $330 how are they going to place the Style?

    Is the Style going to replace the 8530? (CDMA devices are needed in some areas of the country)

    Are they going to put the 8530 at $0 on 2 yrs (which is still too expensive) It will be interesting to see how they position the Style, since the 9700 still around goes for $75 and the 9780 for $100.

  • Nick

    The 8530 will last as long as supplies last, I suppose… I see little reason to keep it going given that the new Curve has almost-identical specs (with a bit more memory). Maybe as a $0 phone for the budget companies.

    If you look at the Telus site, the unsubsidized price of the 8530 is actually HIGHER than the unsubsidized price of the 9630 even though the 3-year contract price is $50 lower. It’s a very strange pricing scheme which I only assume is there to unload them as fast as possible and can’t be sustainable.

  • Tom Heatley

    Blackberry is doing what LG is doing.. and unsuccessfully at that. They are putting out phones in the attempt to rival other companies. YOu can b***h about pricing all you want, but pricing isn’t the problem.It’s the product volume that is the problem atm. THe new 6 software isnt much better than the old 5.. and the torch still doesn’t hold a candle to the iphone.. 3g.. the flip ” Style ” is a brilliant idea. releasing the Curve 3G before it was ridiculous. Releasing the new Bold while still making the old Bold available? really ridiculous.. maybe Big Jim should spend less time pissing off NHL gm’s and spend more time sitting in on his own PR meetings.

    ’til next time..