Poll results: 54% voted they will not be buying a Windows Phone 7 device

On Windows Phone 7 launch day we held a poll to see how many Canadians will be pulling out their wallet and buying a new OS powered device. After 1,511 votes we’ve decided to show the results.

We’re not sure what has caused 54% of voters to say “no” to grabbing a WP7 device – it could be that the OS is still new and untested. It could possibly be the devices that us Canadians were offered and that people are finding happiness with their Android, BlackBerry or iPhone (or Nokia and Palm). The total combined number of all “yes” votes comes in 2nd place at 28%. As for specific devices, the Rogers Samsung Focus seems to be the clear winner at 15% and the Bell LG Optimus Quantum almost didn’t make it on the list with only 51 votes (3%). The “undecided” is telling at 17% and could mean that people need more education on the overall benefits of the OS or that they’re simply waiting for new devices to be released.

This is just the start of what we’ll be seeing from Windows Phone 7 in Canada. Early 2011 will be the next phase of device releases.