Rogers Samsung Focus now available (Windows Phone 7 device)


  • Justin

    cant find a store in kitchener that received a shipment yet

  • Double Down

    I called Rogers this morning to do a hardware upgrade once this hit the site. They said they don’t have it showing as being in stock yet, so it can’t be ordered. They weren’t sure what the time line is to get it.

  • ErikN

    Lol…Rogers is crazy…$199 for a 3 yr term on a phone with slightly lower specs than the phones TELUS is releasing for $99??? Cmon, wtf are they thinking? That’s not competitive pricing, that’s giving the win to TELUS.

  • Nasir

    It seems like they are giving the win to Telus on a lot of phones. Look at the pricing for Bold 9780 for example, Telus 99 and rogers 179.

  • Alex Davies

    according to the Rogers PR email I got the Focus is ONLY available online (in limited qtys) today…to be launched in stores ‘later this month’

  • Rob

    Spoke with Ashley @ Toronto’s flagship store (Rogers Plus at Yonge/Dundas) today. They don’t have any there. She said to keep calling each day as they don’t do pre-orders and won’t hold any aside for existing customers (awesome customer loyalty Rogers. Just keep calling. She couldn’t tell me an expected date either. Ball dropped.

  • Justin

    just talked to rogers, i couldnt get the upgrade so i had to buy it for $600 ,so i said i wanna cancel my account and go to telus or bell, i got passed on to customer relations, i said i wanna cancel, she put me on hold and came back and said ok for this one time we can give u the early upgrade for the $199, but the phone wouldnt be available to existing customers until December 7th, stupid rogers

  • Justin

    found this on rogers redboard

    UPDATE (November 8, 2010 9:53 AM): Rogers is excited to announce the exclusive online launch of the new Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 smartphone. Starting today, the Focus is available in limited quantities exclusively on for $199.99 on three year voice and data plans, backed by Rogers Handset Protection Guarantee Program. Full in-store launch to follow later this month.

  • Mike D.

    I tried to order one by their broken website. Can’t get to anything. I called and the rep said it would be available on November 16th in stores.

    • TheCyberKnight

      This is ridiculous. The site is completely f*!ked up. Nothing works.

      How professional is that? The reps have no clue about anything. We’re talking about a technology company here. I’m clearly having second thoughts about switching to Rogers.

  • Justin

    called rogers again to see if i could get more answers, again i was told its only available for new customers, and that stores and existing customers would be getting it around november 22nd

  • Double Down

    Yeah they’re telling me too that it’s only available for new customers. What a slap in the face. I’ll almost certainly be switching to Telus.

    • Justin

      i was gonna switch to bell or telus but itll cost me 500 to get out of my contract…not worth it to switch just for a phone…ill stick it out with rogers, cuz i assume bell or telus would screw me over to once i was a customer, all these companies care about is new customers, once they have us and r getting our money, they forget about us, cuz just like me, alot of people wont switch cuz itll cost 500

  • Sean

    199.99 on 3 year lol. Is rogers crazy or just very greedy? Bell and Telus have there’s for 99.99!!!!!!

    • Colin

      and they have theirs in stock!

  • ihos501

    f**k rogers thats all i can say, their phones are over priced and their plans are s**t, soo yeah

    • Mike

      I agree, one of the best WP7 Phones, and it goes to one of the worst carriers ever. Their prices are way too overpriced, and they MAKE you buy a data plan ($50/month cheapesr). If I want internet I can use Wi-Fi for FREE. A no term cost over $600. And of course you would want to unlock it, then that would void the warranty and there’s $600 down the drain if it breaks. I want to bring it over to Telus, but I’ll bet they’ll engrave their rogers logo on the back of the phone.


    Good job Rogers on messing up the launch of WP7 in Canada!

  • Moe

    I almost feel like driving down to the U.S (1.5 hour drive) and buying a Focus from AT&T without a contract, then unlock it.

  • sirloing

    Well Rogers really does not want our money…

    1-Order online using existing account (pay for the full thing), order will not go through (stops after entering payment info)
    2-Call Rogers, They cannot process it over the phone.
    3-Try creating a new account with monthly payment, order will not go through (after picking new phone number)

    Why do they do this? They don’t advertise it, so its not like new customers even know about the damn thing. Yet they block their existing customers from purchasing it.

    I have 2 phones on my account, high speed internet and digital cable… Am I not worthy of buying a new phone outright?

    When I purchased the BB Torch 9800 on launch day at full price they had tons of phones and no problem selling to an existing customer…

  • wordup

    you guys are getting way too bent out of shape over a phone that you knew existed just a short while ago. There’s gotta be other things in life to get more upset about lol

  • wordup

    AND you’re all like Telus and Bell selling it cheaper, they’re selling a different phone lol. Prices are determined by OS now? lol come on now ppl

    • yourmom

      telus has htc surround and lg optimus 7 they both have 16gb internal memory and focus has 4 inch super amoled screen with 8gb internal memory , other than that they are pretty much similar. Also at&t have them selling in the same price and we are seeing a 100$ difference here so i donnt know how rogers manage to come up with this nonsense.

  • Melk

    Maybe it’s the screen that affects the price? Since the Focus is AMOLED and the LG phones are only LCD. I’m not sure how much of a price difference there is between the both though.

  • jabba

    Is it possible to buy this phone no contract and go unlock it and use it on Mobilicity?

  • Some guy named Dave

    Just tried ordering this on-line and only at the very end, after wasting 20 minutes of my time, do I get the message: “ is experiencing technical difficulties and is currently unavailable.”

    Wow. Just… wow.

    *wanders over to*