Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 upgrade to OS 2.1: “Available the week of November 8th”


  • hunkyleepickle

    Am i wrong or will this phone never have multitouch, because of inherent hardware restrictions. If so, what makes it have ‘better web browsing’. Vague improvements, and still out of sych with the rest of the android environment.

    • Andy C

      from what i gather from some of the threads over at xda is they seem to think the hardware supports multi touch but Sony has not “activated” it.

      if the above is true then it probably has to do something with Apple threatening lawsuits against anyone who impliments MT on there handsets.

  • lando27

    How reliable is “tipster”?

  • Francis

    after i post this comments – i can see them now.. will this phone get more OS update soon?

  • Aret Mazmanyan

    If only this was available 3 months ago when I had my X10. Sorry, but to wait this long for an update is ridiculous. Loved the X10, hated 1.6.

  • hldnitdwn

    I hope this is right. I have been contemplating the XDA way to update. I guess I can wait another week. Are there any other details you can provide?

  • hldnitdwn

    Why don’t comments update without me posting a new one?

  • Andy C

    was also thinking of the XDA route but considering i’ve only had the phone for a few days i can wait a few more for 2.1

  • saltorio

    I should note that I have updated via the method posted in the first comment here, and it works beautifully. Despite being a Nordic firmware, it offered both “English (Canada)”, and “Francais (Canada)” languages. The market works fine, and the News & Weather widget (aka: “Genie Widget” – not sure if this is included with the update as I had it before) now presents Canadian news rather than American.

  • h


  • Robert Yuna

    Thanks for the information on Rogers and the X10.

  • Marius Iordache

    Guyz, having a Rogers X10a, well it’s not rogers branded animore, since i flashed it to the nordic using the XDA forums. The phone works flawlessly after almost 2 days of use. I am so glad i have a generic firmware right now. No more rogers welcome screen ! Device scores 559 on Quadrant.

    Cheers, good luck with the waiting – > or get the nordic now!

  • Dan

    The nordic route isn’t all roses. If there is a bug fix you would need to track down another regions, rather then a simple update through seus. Or maybe I’m wrong.

    As for multi-touch there is a certain belief its just locked away as away to avoid Apple’s lawsuit. Apparently it may be able to detect even more then two points as well. This isn’t un-heard of my old G1 had the same thing, and I think samsung behold that could be made MT after a hack.

    I don’t get why Rogers or Sony doesn’t release atleast the dates. Most the world has zero idea and we get a vague november.

  • Mason R

    I was in a rogers store this past Monday and the person who I was speaking to said they received a notice of the update for the 8th. She and the other person working at the time both had the x10 and they were excited for it… So the 8th it is. Fingers Crossed.

  • duh

    um if you guys dont already know, rogers is using a tracking system, that notifies them of what you have on the phone and what your -supposed- to have… so good luck if they start cutting your services back, i had nordic for 2 days and bam day 3 data and email and such went to crap…

  • lando27

    that’s good to know. I’ve read Nov 7-8th for the update on different sites/forums

  • O’Rly now

    I’d like to know how reliable the “tipster” is. SonyEricssonNA said on their twitter “Due to addl US tech requirements timing for availability cannot be announced at this time. Please stay tuned!”. If it was the 8th then they would be able to say something more along the lines of “in a few days” instead of nothing at all.

  • Jerry

    Hey is there a way to root the xperia x10 so that it could use multitouch or is it really hardware problems?

  • Marius Iordache

    -for further updates, we will continue to flash :), besides, I have a feeling Europe will always be served first! I mean, common, thats were everything is !

    -don’t know about the rogers thing, but there is no law that will prohibit u from flashing ur phone, u will just loose the waranty and no further updates FROM them, now make sure ur access point isnt altered, and ur phone bill is paid. Money guyz, thats what they need, they dont care whats on the phone 🙂 it’s funny though, relax, its not really helping them cutting on ppl contracts :D, well , ill be happy ill just sue them and get another carrier lol . if i can 😛

    -Multitouch is semi-possible as far as i know. check google and the forums

    -Format the sd card, and the system will always run smooth, make sure u have a class 6 card . I have 2 🙁 and if i have lots of data on it, there is a chance that my phone will rescan all the sdcard which will cause the system to bug/lag.

    -16m colors would be awesome, but 2.1 actually looks amazing. even the games like birds. strong colors and lots of bright 🙂


  • chrsi

    this is BS good friend of mine works at Rogers and is a Manager, there was no email sent out at all about the update. In fact they were told that the update was likely to hit rogers within the new year (2011) since there was nothing heard of from SE themselves .

  • Erskine

    I was wondering if anyone knows how long it will be before the USA start getting their 2.1.I just purchased my phone on the 25 of Dec 2010 and right now I am trying to decide to keep the x10 or send it back for a samsung captivate.I dont want to get stuck with it if sony starts to play games. Thanks and Any help please

  • lando27

    Since you seem to be from the future, go back to the day before you bought it and get a Samsung. 😛

  • First X10 in NA

    @lando – seriously LMFAO!!!

    @erskine – get back in ur delorean and tell me if we ever get Froyo and multitouch.

    Ohh…that was good. But seriously the Samsumg aint all that good. It looks like an iphone 3, camera not as good as x10, gps issue, samsung layer not so good. The AMOLED screen is nice tho.

    In my humble opinion the Desire wins. It has 2.2!! And my cousin had it for a mth!! Flash works flawlessly, sense is nice. I’ve had this phone too long with no update. I am really considering nordic if theres no word soon.

    Peace all.

  • Nov. 8???

    Nov. 8???

    Let’s see….checked this morning 9:00 AM EST. Nothing. This tipster is BS? Ohhhh…the week of Nov. 8. Now I gotta wait all week.

  • n/a

    I think we can begin questioning the so called “Tipster”. At a minimum Mod should add a “pending” beside the “(Thanks tipster!)”.

    Honestly, I need this update NOW or this phone will find it’s rightful place under G.

  • BobK

    Waited until today, update hasn’t come. Went the XDA way. Works great, only took about 5 minutes.

  • juu

    Still no update. Screw rogers!

  • Duncan Ritchie

    Nov 8….nothing yet.

  • BobK

    Nov. 9th and still nothing…Great Tipster

  • lando27

    Anyone try this morning?

  • Osama

    SE Twitter Canada said yesterday that the update will be released “very soon”

  • urza710

    Sales Item number is under the battery.

    Mine is not on the list. Guess we play more of the waiting game.

  • ReALLY?


  • Mitch

    November 10 and still no update for Rogers Xperia X10! That tipster is not a reliable source!

  • Sarkish

    Emily B, today is the 10th. How is the “week of Nov 8th” almost done ? its barely halfway!.you may say its almost done if it was Nov 13th or 14th already, which it clearly isn’t. However if you are so impatient, go ahead and flash. stop whining.

    • Ridwan

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  • Emily B

    The week of November 8th is almost done….where’s my update? 🙁

  • Emily B

    time to debrand and snipe the generic version, stupid rogers.

  • jim

    Rogers has updated their X10 support page with link for Android 2.1 update, not working yet though

    • Novelie

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  • Mason R

    Only 3 more days left.. 2 if you’re looking at a calendar… and still no update.

    This is getting kind of redonculous. First it was the summer, then september, then october.. now November?

  • Nik

    I just read that the update wont be ready until 1st quarter of 2011 for x10a users, the reason is that, the overhaul update of this firmware is that every provider (AT&T/Rogers) is goin to mass patch and mod it heavily, which gonna take them quite some time. (Another perfect example why they are greedy money hungry *****s) Money>Costumer’s Satisfaction.

    If i were u, i would just stop waiting and worrying.
    Have a nice day.

  • Adam

    Do you have a link to where you read this? Or are you just blowing smoke up everyones a$$?

  • steveblue

    end of week (nov 12th) and nothing. tick, tick, tick

  • Paul from Bolton Ont

    Its here…. Pluged in my phone this am and the update request came up. I have it on my Phone..

    Enjoy Everyone…


  • Faryn

    Are you sure it was the phone upgrade, Paul, or just the PC companion software updating? That’s what I got when I plugged in; the companion updated, but that was all.

  • Faryn

    Of course, as I type that last message, the PC companion informs me of the 2.1 update. 🙂 It’s here!

  • Nahr

    thanks Paul its here in calgary too

  • Roy

    AWESOME!!! PC Companion is preparing the update of your phone. Keep your phone connected and you will be automatically proposed to update it when ready. Enjoy the update 😀

  • Larry

    Got mine this morning… weak of the 8th

  • akela152

    The week is almost over… come on, we are waiting…

    • akela152

      forget what I said, pc companion was acting funny! 🙂

  • Joe


  • romy

    Hello all. I am happy that we finally have the Eclair upgrade in South Africa. I just did the upgrade this morning and the phone is.definitely faster. Maybe because I lost most of the useless applications I previously downloaded from the market during my getting used to android. The UI feels improved. The other features I will discover only later on. Great day.

  • JaiBoi

    It’s December 20, 2010 (the present) and there is no update available. Are there any electronic petitions available to send to Sony to get an explanation? It would be cool if Sony would post something for all the customers who have purchased xperias. Doesn’t really say much for customer relations at Sony. Hmmm! Maybe Apple has a better product to support.