Rogers Samsung Focus appears, launch imminent


  • ChaChi

    32GB expandable storage? I thought Windows Phone 7 devices didn’t support the expandable storage option and were dedicated internal memory only?

    I’m confused…

    • Cziggy

      The Focus is the exception amongst the WP7 phones. The way it works is that you slap in whatever Micro SD card you have and then you have to format the system so the internal 8GB gets added to the micro SD card to create one lump. You cannot simply add in a card when you want since it won’t expand automatically and the same goes for when you want to remove it. Think of it as a Raid 0 if you a techy person. This is what I have read for the Focus review.

    • zorxd

      They have expandable storage, but it merge it with the internal storage on the same filesystem. So you can’t replace or remove the SD card once it is installed without reformatting your phone.

  • perry

    oh snap! glad I waited for this instead of captivate!

    • Ryan Waddell

      It’s not really much different from the Captivate – except for the LED flash (and 8gb less internal memory, and less impressive processor), it’s essentially the same phone. Personally, WP7 is missing a few too many key features for me to even consider yet… So I have no problem “settling” for my Captivate that just arrived. 🙂

    • perry

      OS is completely different from android. That’s what’s different. Plus, we can be assured that the update will be moderated by Microsoft, rather than the manufacturers. Can you be certain that Galaxy S will receive OS updates in timely fashion without rooting/flashing it? Sure it doesn’t have turn-by-turn navigation, flash, some voice commands, customization, wifi hotspots, and applications at the moment. But, I still put my money on WP7, because, hey, we’re talking about serious involvement from Microsoft. I’m pretty sure the updates that’s arriving early 11′ and so on will be significant to match up with iOS4 and gingerbread. That’s why I’m putting my money on WP7.

  • AK

    If this wasn’t a touch screen phone, I’d potentially be considering it come its first SP 😉

  • zorxd

    I think the captivate is better looking and has better hardware (GPU)

  • HMR

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for the info. Just a question… are you sure about the 512MB of RAM? I ask b/c most of the reports I’ve read online seem to indicate only 256MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM. And Microsoft listed the minimum RAM for WP7 phones of 256MB of RAM on their website.

    Would you be able to confirm if Rogers has a (custom) version of the Samsung Focus w/ 512MB of RAM?


  • Justin

    lets hope the launch goes smoothly

  • rzz

    If the CPU is indeed the Snapdragon QSD8250 as gsmarena and other sites indicate, this is pretty disappointing. Otherwise looks like a decent device but the Adreno 200 gpu was only “acceptably” fast at the end of 2008 when this chip was first released. Now, compared to likes of the PowerVR SGX 540 in the Galaxy S line, or the Adreno 205 in the 2nd generation snapdragon phones, it’s just pitiful.

  • Irf

    So that’s where all of the super AMOLED screens went. Microsoft screws us again!

  • hunkyleepickle

    hmm, good point. I guess that makes the only acceptable excuse rogers had for the long, and continuing, captivate delay no longer valid? That is of course if the focus actually hits its street date with reasonable stock levels…..

  • Mike

    It actually has 16 gb built in

  • Chris

    What would happen if I inserted my sd card that already had stuff on it??