Opera Mobile “State of the Mobile Web”: 71.2 million users

Browsing the web via mobile is getting more popular. One of the more popular mobile browsers is Opera Mini and Opera Software has released their “State of the Mobile Web” for September. The numbers reveal the following: 71.2 million Opera Mini users (100.1% increase from a year ago), 36.9 billion pages were served, 4.9 petabytes of operator data were compressed for Opera Mini users.

Jon von Tetzchner, Co-founder, Opera Software stated that “It is about making the Web more accessible to a wider-range of people. That is why we focus so heavily on making Opera Mini work on all phones—and, in fact, why we originally founded Opera. We believe access to the Web is a universal right, and we hope that, by keeping costs low, we play a part in helping people connect—on any device, wherever they are.”

In regards to Canadian numbers… unfortunately there is no data as we didn’t show up in the top 20 countries.

Check out the full report here at Opera
Via: IntoMobile