Palm Pre 2 will be “available on the Rodger’s network”


  • gbo

    Who is Rodgers? ha. Perhaps you mean Rogers? (I’m just being a smart a*s)

  • BlackXinu

    This is a very interesting device. If the build quality is higher then the original Pre, it could be a great phone to have as long as the price is LOW, which is where it SHOULD be.

  • zorxd

    Will see if Rogers will have to cost $15/month off the monthly bill to sell this device, just like Bell did we the original Pre.

    • Andy C

      Bell discounted the monthly plan because the original device, just like the original company are obsolete.

      its seems like a interesting device. if the build quality and screen size were upgrades from the original i could be compelled to pick one up. sadly they are not

      now if i can only find a Rodger’s sim card….

    • zorxd

      Think about it. Even if this device was as good as other high end phones (which I doubt), it still starts with two strikes, just like the original Pre, because there are no apps for WebOS and it is unlikely to change.
      Palm need to have a superior device (1.5 GHz, 1GB RAM) or a much lower price.

  • Dave Dee

    Wow, I can’t wait. Another sub-standard device. Stop behaving like a discount carrier Rogers and start focusing on some more high end devices…i.e. HTC Desire HD, Motorola Droid 2, etc.

    • Jeeverz

      HTC Desire HD is on the AWS 1700Mhz and Droid 2 is CDMA. Maybe you should b***h at the manufacturers ?

    • zorxd

      Desire HD is not AWS (1700 MHz). It is 900/2100 MHz.
      Droid 2 is CDMA, yes. Just like the original Droid. It didn’t stop us from receiving the Milestone.