Google: 33.4% of Android devices run OS 2.2

Google has once again given an update that outlines the distribution percentage of a specific Android OS. These are based on a 14-day period that end October 1st and are worldwide stats. In their previous report Google stated that 50% of all Android devices run OS 2.1… however, this time the number has dropped to 40.1% but still holds the number one spot. Taking number two spot with 33.4% is OS 2.2 and coming in third is OS 1.6 with 16.4%.

In Canada we currently have 31 Android devices with majority of them running OS 2.1 and commitments to upgrade to 2.2. There are also several new devices that will be released by the end of the year that will launch with OS 2.2. Unfortunately, some Android devices have no upgrade path and are staying with their original OS.

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Via: AndroidHeadlines