Best Buy puts Rogers Samsung Captivate online, still waiting for official launch.


  • Jeff

    $549.99? Really? Bell had Galaxy S out for how many months now? And the no-contract price for the Vibrant is $500. Shame on you Rogers.

  • RudioX

    Rogers can’t provide a lunch date yet?? Maybe november…

  • Ian

    I’m torn as to whether to line up and wait or do wait a couple weeks for the deep discounts (and possibly supply issues.)

  • skrutor

    Hmm… the Desire Z has a keyboard and a faster proc for 499, and it will probably be out sooner… decisions decisions…

    • zorxd

      Completely false. The Desire Z has a slower CPU.

    • Sam

      Desire Z 800Mhz
      Galaxy S 1000Mhz…How do you figure that the desire z is faster?

  • JSKershaw

    We must be getting closer to a release by now…? Maybe October 21st will be the date… Let’s hope.

  • Djm


  • Meshach David

    Best android phone on Rogers/ the market!

  • Spock

    The marketing/PR dept at Rogers are completely inept. The misinformation being delivered by phone ops and CSR’s as well as Redboard has been nothing shy of a Joke. Wait until the competition takes hold all those people will be looing for jobs.

  • Shaki Shabazz

    The marketing fail of the Captivate is just exposing the lack of communication between all Rogers fronts. Their lack of communication with consumers helps expose that. Boo Rogers.

  • MikeP

    The only reason this was done was to keep the promise of the release date being in Mid-October. Now Best Buy has it on their site. They are off the hook.

    Of course when the shipping date is, that is another story….

  • Pratheeplt

    I think they took it down :\
    Because when I go on the Bestbuy website, it only shows me the Samsung Captivate Skin Case .. grr

    • Pratheeplt

      Nevermind i see it ;D

  • devin

    on the bestbuy site it says Release Date:11/02/2010