Chatr releases “The charmer” Nokia 2220, immediately put on sale for $50


  • Wind Usr

    Crap. Both of them.

  • n

    another crapy phone

  • n

    very out dated phone

  • Stuart

    I wouldn’t pay $1 for that phone. Complete garbage.

  • Adi

    LOL at all of the above comments ! I must say that i agree : the phone is garbage. 🙂

    Also, their Montreal unlimited “Zone” sucks all kinds compared to the other discount carrier’s zones.

    Take for example St-Constant that for some reason did NOT make the cut for Chatr.


  • JAWG

    Funny,even a crap phone works perfectly on Chatr and you’ll be lucky if even one of the better phones works with any of the new entrants…I guess it pays to be on a solid network.

    And so many Wind/Mobilicity phones for sale on Craig’s List…no wonder so many users are switching to Chatr happily.

    • AD

      there are a lot more rogers iphones for sale on craigslist, so by your theory that means rogers sucks, no?

  • JAWG

    Edit:Excluding VT in Quebec!

    • AD

      who cares about VT, they’re only in Quebec, and they’re contract-based just like the big 3.

  • mistermister

    all of the phones on public mobile suck, as do most of the phones on wind and on mobilicity. the only good phones on these carriers are smartphones which are also extremely expensive for the normal person to buy.

    bottom line – you guys are all out to attack rogers and defend the new entrants on anything and everything. this is a great price point for someone who just wants to talk (i.e. my mom or grandma) and is in line with to slightly better value than any of the new entrants

    so all of your points are moot

    yes. it is a crap phone. thank you very much. that’s the point. they do not want to launch a smartphone. if they did, would it really matter? it would be like $500 bucks and irrelevant to the customer base Chatr is targeting.

    • Alex

      I couldnt of said it better myself !

    • Terry

      Except there are phones on Public Mobile, Wind and Moblicity that are just as cheap and their rates are better.

      That’s not even including the fact that those three companies aren’t one of the big three, i.e. Rogers which makes the phone infinitely better on that fact alone.

      Videotron probably has cheap phones too, I never really checked.

      Face the facts, Chatr sucks not because of it’s phone line up or it’s coverage. It sucks because it’s Rogers, and Rogers will always suck.

    • Dom

      No, I’m out to get the incumbents because they prey on the new entrants using fairly anti-competitve practices. It’s rather well documented. If you’re not aware of it then I’m not sure what part of the moon you’ve been living on.

    • AD

      they can’t launch a smartphone because they don’t have data so your point is moot.

  • JAWG

    Wait until the ridiculous law-suit by Mobilicity goes through and eventually Chatr wins,then you will see real action from Rogers when everything is settled and how many new customers will be obtained at all levels.

    And what an absolutely idiotic defense by some with no meaning whatsoever…not to support Rogers because Rogers sucks…how moronic can you get!?!

    Bottom line…Chatr has great service and a better network…once new phones/data starts rolling the new entrants won’t even be able to compete against it let alone the main brand…no amount of lies/insults/false accusations can change that and you can be sure they will get the support from business and the public.

    • AD

      chatr will never have data

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      ad chatr can have data please feel free to read up on it.. it can and when it does.. what will you do with your wind phone.. ok ok I will be nice.. you can enjoy coast to coast crystal clear 2g coverage..

  • JAWG

    Oh PLEASE,what anti-competitive practices…launching new sub-brands are within the Big Three’s legal right to do so as Solo isn’t even really mentioned in the law-suit which is discriminatory against Rogers only and if Chatr loses in court then the door opens up fully to challenge Wind who are not even Canadian owned entering the market unfairly to all involved…personally I would love to see that.

    Or Rogers/Bell/Telus could simply wipe out the new entrants just by dropping prices across the board and you’d see how fast disloyal Fanboys would run to them for better service and stronger networks.

    What is even more hilarious is that Wind doesn’t even support the law-suit in fear of being further investigated silently welcoming competition and Mobilicity is only doing it because they are completely failing heavily.

  • JeGaN

    HEY CHATER CAN GIVE A NEW unlimited plans for 50 or 55 $
    Unlimited outgoing talk to anywhere in Canada & Unlimited outgoing (international) text.. 🙂

  • Regulator

    Dood, I had to exchange a phone with Fido after 3 months and they sent me a refurb. I had to b***h and complain for like 3 months to get my new phone replaced with a new phone. This was the Nokia 8800 that cost about $799.99 plus tax at that point and yes I bought it outright.

    As for Wind changing that policy I think its a bit early for them to do things like that.

    I will say though if you head over to crack berry for example you will find 100’s of threads, ok maybe not that many, with people bragging about how many defective blackberry’s they went through, or ones they scammed exchanges for etc.

    I find people exchanging phones for somewhat imaginary reasons really annoying. Some people are idiotic and if the phone freezes once they return it.