Banker recovering from “iPhone Thumb” surgery


  • Ej

    How hard was she pressing…

  • Frank


  • Dan

    “…spent over 12-hours a day texting her clients with her iPhone”

    She seriously needs to rethink her way of communicating! Also, what could she possibly be texting? I’d want my banker to CALL ME regarding personal finances, not send me a text message.

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Maybe she should get an Android with Swype. =)

    I find that it’s helpful to have different text entry methods that use different ranges of motion. So on my Milestone I will sometimes use the hard keyboard, sometimes Swype, sometimes the default Android keyboard. When my hand gets tired of one method I switch.

  • Terry

    Yeah…If you’re texting that much get a bloody laptop with an Internet stick.

  • dinsider

    Only in America!!

  • mce

    Slow news day?

  • Jesse

    what’s next for her? I smell a lawsuit against Apple coming… haha


    Text addition is now cured!

  • Mike

    Yeah, texting “clients” 12 hours a day. Riiiiiiiiiiight.

  • rzz

    “…spent over 12-hours a day texting her clients with her iPhone”

    If you spend even half that much time sending texts you might want to think about why you actually need to do that, and your input method. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was basically composing what amounts to emails or voicemails and texting them in at great effort on the iPhone’s mediocre virtual keyboard at a less than world record-breaking pace.

  • JAWG

    This reminds of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer goes looking for his sleazy Lawyer to sue the shop for the coffee being too hot when he spilled it on himself…I can see a law-suit coming.

  • Faisal Mohamed

    Welcome to the world of iPain

  • Joca

    get a life…buy a pc!.

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