TELUS source code reveals potential Torch 9800 pricing


  • @ai4281

    Too expensive.

    Torch is crap. No one will buy this POS unless they are locked to the Blackberry platform because of work.

    Specs are 2 years behind, OS is just as behind. There is nothing going for this device and Blackberries in general.

    • What?

      Crap? Do you own one or have you had hands on experience with the Torch? You write with such certainty, I’d be interested in your video review of the Torch or “BlackBerries” in general.

      Upload it to YouTube for us and post the link here. Thanks.

  • CyKlone

    As much as I’d like to think Telus will bring this out at $499.99 without a contract, with their pricing on the Storm 1&2 around $599.99 when they first came out, and not to mention the price of the Tour when it came out. I can’t see the no contract price being any less then $599.99. I’m sure the price with a new contract would be much better, but I just got the 9700, so I have a long wait to take advantage of reduced prices; and I know I’m not the only one out there that will have to get the Torch at full price.

  • Ej

    If this is true, that’s horrible. 299 for a blackberry on a 3 year? Why would I spend 300, when the iphone4 is $40 less and many very capable android devices can be BOUGHT OUT at that price…

  • Terry

    I guess with the Bold still costing 450-500 everywhere, they prices would be the same.

    I was hoping for 399 no contract. Oh well. Guess I’ll pass.

  • Peter

    It’s now been removed. I really hope it was erroneous.

  • Desire_owner

    The exact same pricing was in the source code for the desire before it was released, the actual no contract price for the desire was 449.99 and 3yr was 79.99, So i suspect this is just a generic price they have in the code, doesn’t really mean anything.

  • Joca

    TELUS plans suck.
    I pay $50 for 300 min. (use only 150), 500MB (use only 58mb) and have to pay for SMS messages…this is ridiculous…Common Telus…$50 is to cover all your services including the fck call display. Be honest and respect your new users otherwise I will move back to Rogers at $40!