Motorola i1 Android iDEN hitting Airtel Wireless soon


  • Adi

    Why would somebody setup an iDEN network in this day and age is beyond me. This is more stupid than Public mobile launching a CDMA network when everyone and their mother are setting up UMTS networks and thinking of LTE in the near term.

    I sort of understand Public mobile was more or less forced to do so since their frequency band was really odd, but what about Airtel ?! What’s their excuse ?


  • Maxim


    I’m sorry Abi, but your comment is unfair. iDEN is the most powerful push-to-talk technology in the world and it responds to a specific need : Talk. You can do it quickly over the PTT or normally over the phone, but if you need more than that, go away to another provider.

    Nobody know for now, but I’m pretty sure that Motorola plans to develop an iDEN phone with LTE connectivity over the commercial 700 MHz band. The auctions for this spectrum are expected for 2011-2012 in Canada.


  • Ewok

    Motorola just decided to keep the IDEN portfolio – and did not sell it like they did with all the other network assets. That says something about what they are planning I think