TELUS launching Motorola i1 on Mike sometime this Fall


  • samuel

    Honestly Motorola’s foray into Android isn’t looking too good if they ship brand new phones with an obsolete 1.5. EW.

  • Khav

    samuel, I think it’s only Canada that gets 1.5 in phones anymore. Everywhere else in the world new phones are getting released with 2.1 across the board. Hell, the Telus Hero is the only model of HTC Hero in the entire world that still hasn’t got an official 2.1 update. If anyone’s to blame it’s the carriers.

  • Ahmed Eltawil

    I don’t see why each major telecom company needs to have another mini-telecom on the side. Telus has Mike, Bell has Virgin, and Rogers has Fido, etc. What’s the purpose? Can’t Telus offer Mike’s offers/deals/phones on Telus? What’s the advantage?

  • mkm

    Another mediocre Android 1.5 phone from Motorola. I have no idea what those Telus and Motorola CEOs thinking, because it is clear that this phone won’t sell well. Hardware specifications and OS version are so 2009, it’s not even funny.

  • Hugo B.

    @ Ahmed,

    Actually, in the case of Mike it’s a different case as it’s a completely different network type (aka iDen, for Push to talk) which is REALLY enterprise focused. It kind of makes sense for them to market it separatly (like sprint does with Nextel in the US).

    For other sub-brands (koodo, Fido, Virgin, Solo)… They are attempts at targetting different demographics (aka low revenue customers) without damaging the value proposition of their main brand (higher end).

    you could question the logic here, but it’s not entirely senseless.

  • David

    Many who require a proper heavy duty phone will not really care what version of Android this smartphone is running. The fact that it’s an Android device (the first one for Telus Mike) is enough.

  • Brendan

    is this phone a tough and rugged phone? will it handle being dropped and in dusty and wet conditions?

  • chantal

    does this phone work ?? I live in Alberta and the reception changes drastically in short distances, I have a Mike phone for this reason it works where regular Telus phones don’t. I’m wondering if this phone will work better, will it work when I cross into BC, my old Mike phone doesn’t. Any feedback would be helpfull!!! 🙂

  • Nick

    We have been using Telus Mike iden service for years. Some of the worst phones like the i576 simply do not work in most of Canada. They have very poor receivers and suffer from all kinds of call quality problems. The i1 solves this very well, with its high sensitivity receive capabilities, it is easily the best “mike” phone Telus has ever had. Works everywhere in North America. I was skeptical but having had it for a few weeks this i1 is the only phone you want if you are on Telus Mike. Having said that, the OS is the old Android 1.5, and it appears that Telus has blocked the ability of the unit to download or run Adobe flash, which is a huge disappointment. So it behooves Telus to immediately release the upgrade to Froyo (Andriod 2.2), but they are presumably waiting for Motorola to come up with an upgrade that has the proprietary iden code. You can upgrade the set to 2.2 on your own now but you will lose the PTT direct connect function permanently, and void your warranty.

    • Sean

      I have had problems with my ptt since the day I bought it. I called telus about the problem and still doesn’t work. I did download the software update now all I get is service restricted, but still nobody can call me or vise versa. Any help on this issue.

  • D’Arcy

    I was wondering if anyone has had experience with syncing the phone up with Micro soft sync in a Ford?