Rounding out the Big 3… “Yes, Bell will launch iPhone 4 in coming weeks”


  • Eric

    Yay! This means Virgin Mobile too, right?

  • Erik

    Good, no exclusivity crap

  • JC

    Great..I can’t wait for I-4

  • Bluetooth

    Sony Erricson

  • hallmark

    Enjoy iAd morons.

  • homan

    Iphone is overrated

  • Ali

    the only telco company wose than ROBBERS is Bell.. atleast robbers is open late!

  • Michael Schmid

    iphone isn’t a jesus phone but it’s solid and this release looks like it’s finally matured. I want one.

  • Roger Strong

    Telus users in Manitoba should get two of these things. Telus’s network doesn’t offer 1x data here, let alone HSPA, but you can send smoke signals from a fire created with two iPhone 4’s and the “bang the rocks together” trick.

  • yidnek

    how can i get iphone 4 carrier to activate