Motorola Quench now available at Rogers


  • Gurkiran

    I love how the initial picture on the home page to come to this article – is a picture of the motorola dext for bell………..

  • Gurkiran

    and now its fixed…. 🙂

  • Jamie

    wow go android 1.5 good choice Rogers because I mean it’s not like there is anything to choose from with 2.1 on it. Ha and we sit in the back seat as always..

  • larry harvey

    Rogers is really getting great phones lately.I guess Bell/Telus spent to much on network upgrades.

  • Mark

    Actually, i’d say rogers almost got he short end of the stick. Telus and bell each got thier own androids recently. Bell with the dext and Telus has the Backflip and the HTC Hero.

  • robokirby

    its 374.99 no contract at bestbuy mobile

  • Webterractive

    The Quench is on track for a 2.1 upgrade of Android, it will be available in the 3rd quarter. I’m waiting for the iPhone 4 but if it doesn’t dazzle me then I will upgrade to Quench.

  • nabeel warraich

    i just buy a rogerz quench and i have sent to my brother in pakistan and i want to know whts about ur cryteria to use in pakistan