Motorola DEXT launching May 14th via Bell

Looking for the next Android device to hit Bell? You won’t have to wait much longer as the Motorola DEXT is ready to hit the Bell shelves for Friday May 14th. This is the smartphone that comes with Motorola’s MOTOBLUR, a full QWERTY keyboard and runs on Android OS 1.5.

Looking for pricing? We saw an earlier price point of $79.95 but have also been informed that the DEXT will be released at $99.95 on a 3-year. In addition, the outright price is confirmed at $399.95.

According to the internal doc we received it states that “The Motorola Dext smartphone aligns with Bell’s strategy of offering a growing selection of Android smartphones. Today, Android is the second most popular mobile platform in the US and is now shipping over 60,000 handsets per day. Motorola Dext stands out among a growing number of Android devices. With unique social integration and security features offered by MOTOBLUR at no additional charge, Motorola has demonstrated its competitive edge in the mobile market. Dext will be a welcome addition to Bell’s growing portfolio of Android smartphones, with many more to come.”

In addition, for those who use the Dext and Motorola’s MOTOBLUR the doc says that customers “will see the following line item appear on their invoices. It will help to identify they do have access to these services currently and to remind them to make the most of it. The line item will also help to illustrate the value of the services that Bell is bringing to clients.: “Motorola MOTOBLUR services……..$0.00””

Dummy phones have also landed at Bell locations and if you’re interested to see a video of the Dext, check out this link here.

(Thanks Leetneo and Informer!)