Wind price drops Samsung Gravity 2 and Huawei U7519


  • 5Gs

    I wonder if those like me who got it for $150. Are we going to get $20 dollar credit?

    Go WIND Go!

  • Ej

    Wow they did say they wanted 100k subs by summer… This is nothing ground breaking but a definite step in the right direction

  • Terry

    Are they selling these phones at a loss now because if I recall, they said they sell phones at cost.

  • Mark

    This is the problem with technology. It is evolving so quickly that your purchase today is outdated in 6 months? Or sooner? Wait for the price to come down and never purchase a first generation item. But how long do you need to wait?

  • sure, sure

    that’s the price you pay when you get a first gen item. You might face bugs, software and you’ll pay the highest price. Sure it will come down but if you want it when it’s hot, then expect to pay!

  • Mobile Friend

    In response to Terry, mobile companies work with they handset vendors to price devices. If a price drops, it’s likely because Samsung/ Hauwei and HTC are offering WIND a better discount to sell the phones. WINDs profit margin on the phones likely stays the same (or about the same).

  • abdirahman sheikh

    its nice that their droping the prices of the phones, but if you have to stay away from on e of the 3 phones. hauwei is the one. i have it myself. any other wind phone is better.