Multitasking & “iAd” coming to iPhone OS 4.0?

With Apple announcing a sneak peek event set for April 8th that will offer a look into the future of the iPhone OS, analysts Shaw Wu with Kaufman Bros. sent a note to investors that 4.0 will be “a full multi-tasking environment where third-party apps will also be able to run simultaneously and/or in the background along with AAPL’s own apps.”

Back in January Apple acquired mobile advertising company Quatrro Wireless for $275 million and it’s also rumoured that with the 4.0 release we’ll see Apple foray into the mobile advertising space under the name “iAd”.

Wonder how Palm is reacting to the possibility of multitasking as this is one of the key features of their webOS platform. We’ll learn more about this when the event unfolds on Thursday at 10:00am Pacific time.

Via: Apple Insider