TELUS HTC Hero 2.1 update delayed until May?


  • theninjasquad

    A lack of effort on Telus or HTC’s end?

  • Jason Bayer

    Figures…Telus always takes their sweet old time in releasing updates for their top of the line phones. I had the HTC Touch Diamond and it took them 8 months to update it.

    Well at least this is good news for me to keep my Hero now, instead of getting rid of it and going to the Sony X10. The Hero may not have all the features of the X10, but at least it’ll have Android 2.1 and multi-touch (which its always had) and multi-tasking.

  • Pepe

    Some of us are also patiently waiting for the Magic update to 2.1!!!! When is it coming!!!!!!!!!

  • @ai4281

    It’s probably Telus taking their sweet time loading the update with their crapware… “oh we need 3 more weeks to load these bookmarks on it”.

    I think the reason our Milestone 2.1 is coming out after everyone else is also Telus’ fault. Google and manufacturers need to move away from carrier pushed updates.

    Btw, any milestone user who cant wait should go ahead and flash the Thai sbf. It works with our 3G.

  • stf

    HTC and TELUS are at fault for this one, HTC is pushing out so many android phones and providing no firmware updates, Both are Cunts!

  • Randy

    As people have noted, TELUS is always lagging with updates for their phones. Their BlackBerry updates are ages behind.

    With the N1, I’m assuming that is (when needed) updated straight from Google since it’s sold only by them and the carrier really has nothing to do with it? Is this correct? If so, it’s certainly a big plus.

  • Jim R

    In all fairness to Telus, my Telus Hero came with no Telus crapware on it. And from what I gather, Telus, for one, does not generally load their smartphones with crapware.

  • xaueious

    It’s Telus people. HTC will have the release ready for other carriers and it will be business as usual.

    If you are impatient go make a goldcard and flash the rom from another region.

  • Joe

    So what? I’m already running 2.1.

  • nivram

    every heard of a thing called testing complainers

  • Haritori

    @Joe, Well done you managed to run a unfinished and feature lacking version, so while do a 1 click update or receive an OTA to get the full release version you will be rooting and hoping you dont brick it!

  • Hugo B.

    Well… this sucks!
    I don’t mind waiting a bit, but it’ll suck knowing it’ll be good enough for the rest of the world, but not for Canada 🙁 Aren’t we all special!

  • Joe

    To Haritori: Riiiight!


  • UnlockedHero

    What about those of us with the Telus Hero unlocked on another carrier–Fido/Rogers or Bell??

    I’m guessing that we’ll have to get the update from HTC directly, no?

    I can’t see how Telus would be able to update their phone if it’s not on their network…unless they also provide a downloadable ROM

  • tsirorret

    first week of may i dont see an update i heard that europes heros got its update pushed back to june is that the case for telus too?

  • Pissed telus client

    Dont hold your breath, telus will not be releasing the update, i slammed them with emails and one their techs actually called me. ROOT your phone, its the only way you will get an update…TELUS SUCKS ASS I am leaving telus at the end of my contract next month!!!