Public Mobile: “Today we have 25 stores open for business”

Last week we let you know that new entrant Public Mobile was set to make an announcement that would see them open stores and offer customers free Unlimited Canadian long distance for life.

Well today is the big day as Alek Krstajic, CEO of Public Mobile said “Today we have 25 stores open for business. Customers can visit us in person, call us or go to www.publicmobile.ca. And by mid-May, we expect to have twice the number of locations. Now that our stores are open and ready to go, we want to give our customers the same opportunity. We are excited to offer unlimited talk and text and we want people to have the chance to use our service as soon as it’s available.”

There are 15 stores located in Toronto and 10 stores located in Montreal. Public Mobile offers a $40 flat rate unlimited Talk and Text plan. Who’s going to sign up with Public Mobile?

Update: Public Mobile has updated their website and shows they will offer the following devices:
ZTE C78 – $70
Kyocera Tomo – $110
Samsung R312 – $130
Kyocera G2G0 – $180

In addition, here are a few important this as we are working through the fine details:
Return Policy: “The phone must be returned within 7 days of purchase and have no more than 30 minutes of talk time.”

“Question: Why am I charged $2 when I make a monthly payment at a store?
Answer A $2 fee is applied for monthly payments made at a store. We don’t like it either but it costs us more when customers pay in store. We cover part of that cost but have to pass some of it on to you.”

“Question: Does Public Mobile charge a late payment fee?
Answer: No, Public Mobile does not charge a late payment fee. However, Public Mobile customers who do not pay for their service by their payment due date will have their service temporarily suspended and could be subject to a $25 reactivation fee.”

“Question : Can I access my email, the internet or use instant messenger (IM) on a Public Mobile phone?
Answer: Public Mobile at this time, does not provide mobile data services such as email, web browsing and instant messenger.”

“Question: What happens when I travel outside the Public Mobile coverage area?

Answer Your phone will be out of service when you leave the Public Mobile coverage area. You will not be able to make or receive calls.”

Question: Can I call 411 from my Public Mobile phone?
Answer: Public Mobile does not currently support 411 calls.”