Public Mobile stores to open March 15th, will offer free LD?

With Public Mobile letting loose on some non-branded “unlimited” advertising last week. More news today as we’ve been tipped that they’ll be soft launching their stores on March 15th. That alone is good news but even better is that their network will officially go live on May 15th.

So here’s the deal… if you buy  a device before the live network launch day on May 15th you’ll be given free Canadian long distance for life (as long as your account is in good standing). Remember, the phone will not actually work until the network is put live. Public Mobile will offer a flat rate $40 unlimited talk and text plan and have their service available in Ontario and Quebec.

We’ll see how everything pans out as this is still a rumour… the offer sounds like it would fit with what Public Mobile has to offer. The May 15th launch date is actually a Saturday – but anything is possible. Is the offer of free Canadian long distance for life tempting you to give them a  go?