Public Mobile stores to open March 15th, will offer free LD?


  • Randy

    Great deal, however “for life” is really the lesser of your life or the life of the company. In the case of Public Mobile, I think that could be a relatively short “life”.

  • ya right

    I thought their whole premise was to offer canadian long distance for life in the first place? Wind already offers it also. Come up with something new public!

  • caleb

    not to be rude to public but they are going to crash and burn. they have coverage in like 2 cities, they have a g band that makes the phones they can get crap, they only have one plan (it is a good plan) but wind has unlimited province wide calling for 35 and you could add on unlimited texting for 5 bucks or just go with always shout and you get free canadian long distance in canada. sort of like a desperate last cry before public mobile dies even when they have not launched

  • Nadim J

    Um so they can gouge you later customers for LD. I thought Public was all about unlimited why are they already setting the path for charging for LD… Liars!

  • joe heck

    nadim J,

    never heard of free LD where did you get that, please post the source. What i read is that everything would be unlimited… not LD was included. I just checked their website and does not say free LD.

    • Avadhesh

      A lot of carriers do that, I’m pterty sure that it means the net slows down after 2GB. But it is still unlimited” because you don’t have to pay more if you use more than 2GB it just slows down.

  • soidey_100

    Hmmm, I think there is a difference between “unlimited” and “free”. Not sure how offering free unlimited LD as a promo and then charging $X for it at a later date makes them liars?????

  • Isak Ben

    When are all of those new wireless carriers coming to the lower mainland ?

  • Nadim J

    Dude they are offering unlimited talk and text. They said they will be no frills when it comes to wireless so charging LD especially CDN LD is a joke and goes against their unlimited model. Public Mobile just wants $$$$ so they can profit and sell for a high return. To me personally, this statement makes them look like liars.

    Wind offers unlimited CDN wide talk and text. Public Mobile right there in that statement says they will offer free CDN LD till whenever you leave that honestly means they are charging for LD and thus there plans aren’t unlimited whats to stop them from putting CDN LD charges on texts next?

    Public Mobile is a joke.

  • Jack



    plus u can roam in the USA for 0.25 cents


    ulimited talk would normally be for LOCAL calling unless your retarded and then LD still applies…! on say most current plans from tha big 3 etc Does Unlimited evenings and weekends meen Unlimited calling with in canada? NO!! your LOCAL area? YES!! How about Unlimited incoming?? with all providers that only counts in your local area, outside, LD applies!!!
    Most likley there options will be set to match / compete with wind & dave.. And they would Offer cheap add-ons for LD as they will only have One Plan! 4real that is more then fair and respectable!
    not that i would join public.. but maybe if they have desent phones, or show us how / allow & help us to get any CDMA device can runing on there G band!!
    i cant say i need unlimited anything besides maybe data!

  • tt

    u all have no idea what ur in store for. public will do great cuz they plan and addons are great

  • no cdma

    i dont know how public gonna sell.. their plans are no better than WIND. their coverage is only toronto not even brampton and mississauaga.. their phones are CDMA (no sim cards).. WIND has too much network probllem.. I have wind now and works crazy.. lot of drop calls.. US calls to only land lines and Tmobile.. if they come properly Mobilicity can do good

  • GJ

    Good Job Public Mobile. I would defintely switch to you when you launch.

    Don’t even compare Wind with Public pls, Wind isn’t even a canadian owned company. The CEO of Public knows canadians, he knows all of what we want, I trust him more than WIND anyday.

    It is truth that the network maybe small, but if you’re only using it in the cities, why not? 40 bucks a month talk and txt all u want with free LD? lol. Awesome.

  • DC

    Some folks want (and would use) unlimited voice and text, but there are also many who don’t need (or want) it. The folks who don’t need it would rather save money, and a $15 plan (e.g Fido, Virgin, Koodo, Wind) will often suffice. Without more variety in plans, Public will lose these customers.

    I have been following the Wind Mobile forums lately, and aside from network/coverage issues (who knows if Public will be better or worse), major issues seem to be
    (1) Lack of choice in phones,
    (2) people outside of the current cities wanting them to deploy in their local area, and
    (3) issues about data plans and ports. Unfortunately, Public appear worse on all counts: only 1 phone, focus on just Toronto and Montreal, and no data plans at all at launch (and no commitment at this point for any).

    Additionally, the Toronto coverage seems a little slow, with Mississauga/Oakville later in 2010, and Hamilton etc. not till 2011. Wind is already in some of these areas, and presumably Mobilicity will launch soon… it just seems that they will lose many customers because of that. Another show-stopper for some people will be the lack of roaming. Any new network needs to provide this, because there is no way they can cover everywhere initially. Public have indicated that they will launch without roaming agreements with other networks, and said they *may* add some later. This is not just an issue for folks who travel a lot (e. g. to the US), but also for folks who drive for half an hour to pass the edges of the coverage area!

    I didn’t find on their site any details about whether they supply the phone, or you have to buy it; it appears you have to purchase it, but I didn’t see a price. Since Public are using the uncommon ‘G’ band for their network, your phone will be a little ‘special’ and likely won’t be usable on any other North American (or worldwide?) network. At least Mobilicity and Wind will have phones compatible with each other’s networks (and that of US T-mobile), so there is some potential of re-using your investment if you switch. Oh, and because they are so special (read ‘unique’), there will likely always be a limited selection of phones. The limited selection of phones for AWS operators (T-mobile, Wind, Mobilicity) is partly due to the ‘newness’ of AWS, but at least this is being remedied as more companies come on board (Rogers/Bell/Telus and others have all purchased AWS licenses). I don’t see this happening any time soon with CDMA on the ‘G’ band.

    Public don’t seem to have committed yet to whether they will include call display or not (which is included with Wind, even on their $15 plan).

    Regarding a lack of ‘data’ support… perhaps this does not matter, since they are not offering smartphones 🙁 Unfortunately, this is another group of customers they won’t get – the often tech-savvy heavy smartphone users who pay a fortune for their data usage.

    Unfortunately, I think they will end up with a very small set of folks that will ‘fit’ as customers. Still, I really do hope they are successful; I hate the way the big three have gouged and misled customers over the years, and I think all competition is a good thing – Good Luck to Public Mobile!