Bell and Solo promote $150 credit “WIND Port-in offer”

A few weeks back WIND Mobile came out with a promotion that encouraged people to port over to them by March 31st and they’ll be given a $150 credit (five $30 monthly installments). News today as Bell/Solo have responded and came out with their own promotion called “WIND Port-in offer”.

The offer is for Bell and Solo clients located in Ontario and Alberta and the internal doc we received says that “Bell Mobility/Solo Mobile is offering WIND clients, who previously have left, a bill credit as an incentive to switch back…. an outbound telemarketing campaign, dedicated to contacting WIND clients to persuade them to switch back with Bell Mobility/Solo Mobile and offer $150 bill credit that will be applied on their first invoice… Bell Mobility is offering a one time $150 credit.”

Looks like competition is alive and well in Canada. For those WIND customers is this a tempting offer?