Winnipeg man claims pre-loaded Virgin Mobile texts ended his relationship

A 49-year old Winnipeg resident “Darren P.” is feeling no love this week and he’s blaming his Virgin Mobile device! Apparently his girlfriend found explicit text messages and proceeded to flip out, end their relationship and kicked him out of the house.

After his girlfriend approached him he said ‘That’s ridiculous, why would I cheat?’ There’s things I believe about relationships… The first is that if you are in a relationship, you don’t cheat. I said, You’re being ridiculous.’ She said, “No I’m not, here’s the proof.”

Virgin is known for their racy brand campaigns and they do pre-program text messages on their devices such as “Booty call,” “Where u at,” and “Be there soon” Darren P said “It’s not just teenagers buying these things. For people who don’t know the technology, these things can be severely misconstrued. I’d like to see the phones recalled and the messages taken off, so that others don’t have to go through the hell I’m going through.”

Darren P. has filed a complaint with Virgin Mobile. Probably by the end of the week we’ll see these two make up and move back in together… and Virgin will have apologized and come out with some Valentine’s Day love text messaging statistics.

Via: Winnipeg Free Press