Rogers gearing up for Olympics… releases SIM card “Visitor Pack”

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics are coming up fast, opening ceremonies are on February 12th and the Games will last until the 28th. Rogers is looking to accommodate the millions of people who will be flocking to the area and have decided to release a SIM card “Visitor Pack” that’s only available in the Vancouver area.

The Visitor Pack costs $29.99 and you get one GSM SIM card and a $20 prepaid “Pay As You Go” voucher that can only be activated on any current Pay As You Go price plans. In addition, if you have an unlocked GSM you can purchase the Visitor Pack and activate it so you don’t have to buy the SIM and a phone.

FYI, we’ve also been informed that effective February 1st both Rogers and Fido have dropped the cost of their SIM cards. Rogers is now $9.99 (was $40.00) and Fido is now $10.00 (was $35.00)

So you have lots of options available during the Olympics.
(Thanks Hassan and Miranda!)