Huh? Bold 9000 is made by BlackBerry and not RIM?

Here’s a funny video. Anyone who is Canadian, loves mobile phones or even the slightest interested in Smartphones has heard of Waterloo-based Research In Motion and their BlackBerry devices. In every organization around the world they are used on a daily basis… heck even President Obama got to keep his when he took office.

Last night on Jeopardy, which is by far the most popular game show on the face of this world, had a category called “Non-Edible Fruit”. The 1,200 answer was “The Bold 9000 is among this companies series of Smartphones”. The Question clearly is RIM as they are the manufacturer, but the contestant answered BlackBerry (the brand name for the Smartphone) and host Alex Trebek (a Canadian) gave the OK and she got away with it. I could use the $1,200!!!

Check out the quick video here:

Via: CB