WIND’s Microsoft Surface will eventually be “fully integrated”

Today we got to visit the flagship Wind Mobile store on Queen Street in Toronto where they gave a full demonstration of the Microsoft Surface. With the Surface you can check out plans, rates, compare devices to each other with general descriptions. CCO Chris Robbins was on hand to explain the overall design and feel of the store experience, but more impressive are the reasons they brought on the highly attractive Surface.

Trapeze help create the brand and the direction and Creative Director Mike Kasprow was instrumental of tying the “Power of Conversaiton” together. We captured over 10 minutes of Surface action (we also had this video from a few weeks ago)… He states that “Surface is multi-touch computing environment that allows us to do a number of things… it was about mediating conversations, generating conversions of people into paying customers but also using it for a way to teach and for people to learn. The primary goal was to ensure that Surface didn’t become technology for technologies sake… we didn’t want it to be a toy that people just came in and played with because it was here. We wanted to actually be the center of a meaningful conversation between a potential customer and the Customer Service Representative.”

Currently you can check out plans, rates, compare devices to each other with general descriptions, but in the future Wind hopes to use the byte tags on the back of the devices for more. Kasprow said eventually (hopefully) “every customer might have their own tag, or a tag that represents their account, so personalization they can do within the store is limitless”. Chris Robbins also stated that “You put your phone down and if you want to add content, rather than downloading or SMS… you could walk into a store and add content, add a plan, add roaming can automatically be done on the Surface. The whole idea is to have this fully integrated.”