Bell: “Most reliable can wait for another day”

bellnopeThe ongoing soap opera of which wireless carrier fight over who is the best, fastest, most reliable, largest continues. TELUS went after Rogers… then Rogers went after Bell. This is all in the friendly name of competition and fine tuned words. Each carrier was stating that each other are misleading us and some words need to be removed from their advertising.

In the case of Rogers vs. Bell, Justice Cullen of the British Columbia Supreme Court stated Bell must stop saying they are the “most reliable” because their new HSPA network is too new. However, what Bell did succeed and can continue advertising their new network is the “largest, fastest, best and most powerful in the country.”

Wade Oosterman, President of Bell Mobility “The court didn’t argue with Bell Mobility’s testing that found the new
network offered the clearest reception and the fewest dropped calls. However, based on the judge’s ruling, network tenure is now an issue in claiming that a network is most reliable. In other words, the reliability of a brand new network cannot now be directly compared to an older network. We don’t agree of course and are considering an appeal.”

In addition, when is come to specifically being the most reliable, Oosterman said “We’ll continue to let clients across Canada know about the new network’s superiority of course. Most reliable can wait for another day, but there’s no doubt that the new network is the largest and fastest, and nothing to stop us from letting Canadians know it’s the
country’s best and most powerful wireless network for those very reasons.”

What carrier do you think is the largest, fastest, best and most reliable and powerful in the country.

Via: Bell

(Thanks Shawn!)