What a Wind Mobile kiosk looks like…

windmobilelogoWind Mobile employees have been busy over the last couple weeks giving back to the community with their “Random Acts of Kindness” initiative… I’m sure they would rather be selling mobile phones. Canadians customers are still in limbo and waiting for the official decision from the Industry Minister if Wind will be given the green light or not…

From earlier pics we got a sneak peak of what the actual Wind Mobile stores will look like, very stylish and modern. This past week Chris Robbins, Wind’s Chief Customer Officer, wrote a post on the company blog that stated “we’ve launched our stores! Well… at least some of them. Before you get too excited, the bad news is that we’re not selling anything”. He’s talking about the kiosks that they’ve placed inside Blockbuster locations in the GTA and Calgary.

We got hold of a pic and honestly these are the nicest kiosks we’ve ever seen. It actually looks like a store, not a dinky kiosk. They are certainly making the experience a memorable one. You like them?