What a Wind Mobile kiosk looks like…


  • Rich

    The colors are a bit uninspiring — basically something you’d see at a medical place.

    Also, for anyone that doesn’t know what WIND is (probably a majority of the Canadian public) there’s little outside of minor curiosity that would attract someone there.

    Regardless, good to see they’re moving forward with things.

  • Matthew

    Very nice indeed. Come on Clement, make a good decision, fire up Telus’ lawyers and lets get these kiosks selling actual product.

  • Eric Arzoomanian

    Looks pretty good.

  • Kmusky

    So that’s how Wind will pass muster! They will unleash their G.I.Joe kung fu grip on the CRTC!

  • Claudiu Jernea

    Looks cool, lets just hope they will be able to launch before the year ends…

  • Serge

    Elegant. Friendly. I like. Why don’t they just sell handsets or something there?

  • Mike

    C’mon start attacking the major carriers 🙁 I want lower prices!

  • Alex

    Looks good but the colours are a bit too Telus-esque for me. I guess there aren’t that many colours left to choose from.

  • sirk76

    ummmm, gross green……honestly not something that ‘we are a cool new company’

  • shaun

    It looks like someone blew wind back to the seventies. Maybe it’s because of the lighting outside or stuff in the background. Maybe it’s the fluorescent lighting and the drab ceiling panels but it really looks blah. I don’t get vibrant new company from this picture.

  • Sid

    I really prefer the brown and orange colour scheme they have on their website.

    The green and white does look a little too much like Telus.

  • DaveD

    I give em 120 days… brutal

  • john

    If you play by the rule to start with then you wouldn’t have come to this. CRTC is not doing anything else difference than what they have come to expect from all foreign investors. we all want good and fair competition among all players. Winds is not an exception in any case. Simply said, rule are rule.

    • shaun

      let’s have good competition to start with. I understand that there are rules however there should also be rules about ripping consumers off. They’ve got away with it for years so I don’t really care where Wind comes from. If it helps a Canadian company get it’s feet wet and puts more money in my pocket rather than paying lofty bills, then I am all for it.

  • AngryChineseDriver

    I think it was just poor colour-clashing, because the yellow walls and grey carpet are Blockbuster’s (ew…was BB’s designer colour-blind?). I would say the poor lighting accounts for “gross” green because I think it’s a little lighter than that in real life.

    What I don’t get is why the WIND logo is black here…tape still on it?

  • TheCustomer

    I believe there’s nothing like this out there from any of the other carriers – the Microsoft touchscreen surface.
    The colors? Well they try to keep it neutral I guess.
    So @Rich – you’re g*y! :)…

  • bellouci

    wind will hit rogers and bell as well telus really hard like a real wind 200km per hour i rather give my money to wind then those freaking i****s they finished us i never seen a service fone like in canada we call we pay we receive we pay this is never happens even in africa, in africa and europe every one gets a cell fone and all they receive + voice mail for FREE why we pay up to the nose ??????? we should get out to the streets one shot to stop those stupid pigs

  • stuart jackson

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