Rogers brings back 12-month HUP… for voice-only customers


For those who are with Rogers and are looking to get an upgrade your device you just might be in luck!

We were sent some details (and found the internal document) that effective today for a “limited time” those who’ve been a customer of Rogers for 12 months can have the opportunity to upgrade their phones, not the recent change of 24 months.

Curious what happens to those who want to upgrade but have a Smartphone with a data plan? Well you are out of luck… Rogers says in the document “Rogers Wireless invests heavily in providing the latest data devices at affordable prices to our data customers. In addition, with the growth in popularity of data devices there has also been an improved level of quality and technology that has gone into the line-up over the past years allowing a longer hardware lifespan. Rogers runs promotional offers every quarter.”

So, if you have a data plan with Rogers you’ll still have to wait 24 months, while those who have a voice-only can upgrade with a minimum 12 month. Here are specifics:

Hardware Upgrade Program eligibility:
– Minimum 12 months tenure (since initial activation or last upgrade) for voice-only customers upgrading to another voice or smartphone/data device
– Existing smartphone/data customers will remain at a minimum 24 months tenure
– All other standard HUP eligibility rules still apply

Via: iPhoneInCanada