Video Interview with Alek Krstajic, CEO of Public Mobile

publicMobilePhoneWith all the new carriers coming out such as DAVE Wireless and WIND Mobile, Public Mobile is one to watch. They only spent $53 million during the AWS Spectrum Auction and captured a reach of 19 million people in Ontario and Quebec.

Today we sat down with Alek Krstajic, CEO of Public Mobile and had a conversation about how they’re different from the others; his upcoming  offerings and devices; their supposed foreign ownership and how he’s going to gradually grow the brand by simply giving Canadians an affordable place to get a cellphone.

Public Mobile has always stated that they are targeting the “value conscious” and it just might be tough to beat their offering: A monthly $40 flat rate that gives the customer true unlimited talk and text. They will eventually offer data plans, but this is years down the road.

Initially they’ll be launching by the end of the year, first in Toronto and Montreal. You’ll be able get yourself a Public Mobile device at locations in malls, stand alone stores and national distributors. All of their devices will be available on a flat rate buyout price, then you’ll add the $40 per month plan. The one device they’ve announced is the ZTE C78.

Check out the video and get familiar with Public Mobile: