Samsung to release Galaxy, Omnia 2, Impact within 45 days


  • theninjasquad

    wow, thats exciting… I wonder which carrier is going to get all these?

    • Eric G

      That’ll be the real news. I’d hand over my nephews for it to be anyone but rogers 🙂

  • neptune229

    Sweet! I hope this is a clue that Bell and/or Telus will be launching HSPA for when these phones come out!

  • Jon

    Actually, my mom was really wanting the Omnia II… I just hope that, much like Eric stated, either it is available as an unlocked device for all the networks, or goes to Bell / Telus / anyone but Rogers.

    Telus and Bell will have their HSPA networks in full swing when all but possibly the impact go to launch.

  • criminalogic

    Didnt expect any of these being releaced in canada.. but with samsung being #1 in canada its kind of a slap in tha face were allways left out on there top phones!! i dont think i want tha Galaxy But tha Omnia2 is one to consiter… AMOLED Diplay! mmmm cant wait to see that in hand & wouldnt that be tha first for canada…? ? Not to mention tha 800MegaHertz processor..that would be tha fastest in canada! (unless im missing something)


  • Mack

    Come on Rogers reel in the galaxy or omnia 2, im counting on you