Say Hello to the TELUS HSPA SIM card!


With TELUS launching their new network soon (very soon) we already new that SIM cards were in the works and that the network has already done some testing.  More advancements today as a picture has surfaced of a glorious looking TELUS HSPA SIM card… which means a launch is just around the corner! We are honestly looking forward to the first few devices of the new network!

Previously we reported that TELUS made some changes to their service terms stating that the “SIM card is not reusable on termination of your service”, and also informed you of an internal document titled “BlackBerry Tour, BlackBerry Storm & International Roaming and HSPA” states that “Please note that our current line up of HSPA devices won’t be compatible with the Canadian HSPA network. When the HSPA Network launches TELUS will be providing a new HSPA line up of devices that will work on that Network”.

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Via: HoFo