Best Buy selling TELUS BlackBerry Storm for $99.99

bb-storm-price-drop-againWe’ve seen the Storm continue to drop in price recently. The lowest price to date has been $49.99 but this was only for a few days. Originally when it was first reduced after launch to the $199 mark we thought this was going to say put, however the sale price seems to be reduced even further to the now $149 area.

Good news is that there’s a cheaper place to get this touchscreen that was once called an “iPhone killer”. If you wander over to your local Best Buy you can walk out with a brand new TELUS BlackBerry Storm for the low price of $99.99 (And what’s even more shocking is that if you know somebody who works at TELUS you’ll be able to score one for only $59.99).

I can only hope that these price drops mean the BlackBerry Storm 2 is on the way. One can dream!