Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 finally released in Canada


  • Matthew

    I'm disgusted to see the prices they are suggesting considering the MASSIVE delay in even seeing this product, ESPECIALLY from it's announcment date. Not to mention, the new rumoured X2 is floating around, but taking into consideration how long X1 took to come out. I'm not holding my breath for the X2.

  • Mitch

    Way too late! X2 is already in the works and will most likely be released within 6 months. HTC Pro 2 and Diamond 2 already blow the Xperia X1 out of the water. I desperately tried to get the X1a 6 months ago for a month and none available. I opted for the HTC HD without 3G in Canada…Edge works fine and the difference in speed is very minor, I love the HD. But…my partner got an iphone 3G S and I am very impressed!

  • antonio

    so, when its gona be available this phone at rogers??? i've been waiting this phone for ages to come to rogers!!

  • Michelle

    Ugh, this was released in Canada so late. I wanted it a year ago, and it's completely disappointing that they didn't even lower the price for the very late delay. Technology gets better every year, and there's just so many better phones now. Truly disappointing.