Palm Canada on the Pre: “the first of many devices to come”

Marc TremblayDuring Day 2 of the 2009 Canadian Telecom Summit Marc Tremblay, Managing Director of Palm Canada took the stage and discussed how their new flagship device and operating platform is setting the stage for future global success.

The Palm Pre and Palm webOS was recently launched in the United States and will come to us Canadians “later this year” (we hear by the end of June though). During his presentation we got a glimpse of the Pre in action and how webOS really can sync our entire lfe together. For Palm, webOS was a complete overhaul of how they operated in the past. With this new platform and direction, they are heavily relying on the success of “cloud computing” which essentially makes the usability of their devices easier to navigate through.

Tremblay is very proud of the direction Palm is heading, one he believes the industry should eventually follow, stating “As you all know it’s a pretty amazing time to be in the industry we are in, but we’ve only just began to touch the true power of mobile computing… we believe the future of mobile computing is definitely not limited to accessing device services only. There is a reason we are  receiving so much buzz and much accolades as we have, and why we are really proud about the look and feel of the device, it’s really only the first of many devices to come.The real success we believe is found under the hood so to speak. Palm is a company that’s fixated on providing unparalleled user experience. And we know in today’s world people rely on the internet (or the cloud) for most of their computing needs. We looked at fusing innovation in the device, so we included creative and innovated advancements to enhance the user experience. We’ve looked at maximizing innovation by providing a deep integration of all the elements within the platform… as well as a complete software and hardware integration which allows up to deliver a world class differentiating user experience. And we’ve looked to leverage standard technologies by using web centric technologies such as CSS, XHTML and Javascript… really Palm is the first mobile company to do these things.”

Check out this video here (apologies in advance for the it being so shaky):