Bell LG Rumour 2 unboxed!

The LG Rumour 2 was released yesterday by Bell and Solo. There are a few differences with this model than the previous, noticeably the curves of the device and the directional pad has been changed. In addition on the keyboard they have added a designated emoticon key and dedicated directional left, right, up and down keys.

The LG Rumour 2 also has a 2-inch display with a resolution of 240 x 320. This can hold up to 16GB of memory with a MicroSD card. Current prices on Bell are: 3-year contract: $39.95; 2-year contract: $119.95; 1-year contract: $219.95 and Outright/Prepaid: $269.95. Solo also has this for $160 outright or $50 on a 2-year term.

Here is the unboxing… a review will be coming shortly: