Best Buy has Android devices for $149 on 3/yr, $599 outright


The long awaited release of Canada’s first Android devices has arrived! Even though no official statement has been released yet (it’s currently 4:17am) and after much speculation Rogers has launched the HTC Dream and Magic.

Thanks to our friends over at Best Buy for posting the confirmed pricing plan, just like we let you know last week, you can now get the Dream on a 3-year plan for $149.99 and outright for $599.99. However it shows that “This product is only available in-store.” so you’ll have to get to your local Best Buy first thing in the morning.

The HTC Magic is a different story, this shows that it’s not “Out of Stock: Will ship when available” and we have heard that shipments have been delayed across the country and Rogers will have this available by end of week. This will also be available on a 3-year plan for $149.99 and outright for $599.99. If you prefer Future Shop, they have the same pricing and availability for both devices.

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