Sony Ericsson patent generates music playlist based on facial expression

Sony Ericsson patent music facial expressionSony Ericsson has filed a patent application named “Generating music playlist based on facial expression”. It’s kinda self explanatory but your cellphone’s music player will be able to build a custom playlist, shuffle between music tracks all based on your facial expressions.

In the filing, Sony Ericsson says that a short video is taken that captures your emotional state: happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, fear, disgust, neutrality. Your mood is then compared to the musical characteristics of your music tracks.

“FIG. 8 [shown above] is a diagram illustrating the concepts described herein. As illustrated, David is listening to a Bruce Springsteen song on a mobile phone that includes a DMP. David is in a very happy mood because he recently found out that he won the lottery. As David adjusts the volume of the DMP, camera 260 may capture an image of David’s face. Based on the captured image, FER component 420 may determine that the facial expression of David matches a category (e.g., a happy mood category) contained in category field 514 of FER database 500. Category field 514 may include a previously linked song associated with the happy mood category (e.g., a song by Metallica).”