Virgin Mobile launches “Stink-a-lyzer” service!

breath-badGotta love Virgin Mobile as they are always creating new ways to get attention. Today they have launched a new service called the Virgin Mobile “Stink-a-lyzer” that helps people fight bad breath.

All you need to do is call 647.240.5653 and take a deep breath and blow into your phone and it will come back with a “breath status”. There are a few levels of breath status “Shut Your Mouth Right Now”, “Breath On Me, You
Sexy Piece”, “Your breath is Rank… close your mouth and don’t talk to anyone, just go home.”

The reason Virgin launched this is because they wanted to ensure you still have friends to call. still have friends to
make calls. Nathan Rosenberg, Virgin Mobile Canada’s CMO said “Though I personally have never had bad breath, I’ve unfortunately had to endure being around others who did and I imagine it must be quite traumatic. Too
many people think a mint or some gum is going to take care of the problem. But what if you don’t have any of that stuff handy? Everyone always has their mobile phone with them, so we’re looking to take your Virgin Mobile beyond
calls, texting and web browsing into other useful applications. With the Virgin Mobile Stink-a-lyzer you’ll never have to worry about those bad breath moments ever again.”

What’s next for Virgin with these add-on services? Well they say they are making mobile phones that include a stick of deodorant, cologne and/or perfume applicators, a pop-out toothpick/floss/toothbrush feature and an all in one “Virgin Mobile Swiss Army Phone”.

Give it a go and call 647.240.5653, but remember what day of the month it is today.