Game of the Day: TapOMania for BlackBerry Storm!

tapomaniaFor all you Bell and TELUS BlackBerry Storm users this one is for you!

TapOMania has been officially released for the BlackBerry Storm. There are 3 levels of play: Easy, Medium and Hard:
Easy consists of 10 x 10 blocks and can be easily done.
Medium consists of 13 x 13 blocks and can be done.
Hard consists of 20 x 20 blocks and can be done but its more difficult.

The goal of this game is to remove all the blocks from the screen. You can only remove blocks that are two or more of the same pattern, along a horizontal or vertical path.

There are special features in TapOMania to help you out – bombs, lasers and non-selectable blocks: bombs remove all blocks within a one block radius; lasers remove all blocks along a single line; and non-selectable blocks can only be removed by bombs or lasers.

This is on sale now for $3.95 until January 30th – Download it here