New friendly focused Bell Ads”er”(?)

Since the departure of Frank and Gordon last week, it seems that Bell has been on a steady mission to restructure and now re-brand themselves. New smooth friendly focused Bell Mobility ads have been popping up in subways, billboards and newspapers.

You will see a bunch of billboards around that just have a white background with the letters “er”. They will eventually morph into the ads with the tagline is “Today just got Better” – these have a clean look to them and the first round looks like they are targeting all demographics: business man, rocker chick and student.. and the “iPhone eater” Samsung Instinct. Frankly, what is the strategy is behind the “er”? I guess they want to take words and combine them with “er”, but how does this fit with Bell?

Check out these ads here (they have been placed in subways, billboards, newspapers). The new campaign will be officially launched on August 8th. The design was created by agency Zulu Alpha Kilo,Leo Burnett, Ig2, and Cossette Communication Group. The goal was to execute the new brand platform and as the agencies call it “Bell-ements”.

Rick Seifeddine, Bell’s Senior Vice President, Brand said: “We went with a team of the industry’s best, led by an elite trio of creative directors collaborating in a new and innovative client-agency model. We think the team’s work speaks for itself in terms of clarity, emotional connection, boldness – and strong support for our strategy to deliver a better customer experience. The Bell-ements are a fun and constructive way to put the Bell logo to work in every possible way.

George Cope says: “The new Bell brand underlines that we are moving forward as a company and as a service provider, with new services, a new strategy and a new goal. It’s a straightforward and customer-focused brand that directly supports the Bell team’s goal: To be recognized by customers as Canada’s leading communications company.”