Round 8: Canadian Wireless Spectrum at $1,043,860,411

That’s correct: $1,043,860,411 in 3 days of bidding.

Here are the details:
1st place:Data & Audio-Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc. (John Bitove’s DAVE Wireless venture) tops with 6 bids worth $ 232,560,000.
2nd Place:Telus still the most bids (74) valued at $ 176,615,404
3rd Place: 6934579 Canada Inc. with 4 licences worth $ 140,300,000
4th Place:Quebecor Inc. 19 bids (one in Southern Ontario worth $118 million) and total bids at $128,068,030
5th Place: Rogers Communications with 9 bids worth $ 106,010,000.

Today we said goodbye to a number of very respectable qualified bidders: 2096901 Ontario Inc., Triple Five Universal Enterprises Inc., Golden Spike Mobility Inc., Westman Media Cooperative Ltd. Thank you so much for the time you spent and see you at the next auction.