Sony Canada to recycle “End-of-Life” products

Starting today, Sony Canada will expand its recycling efforts and collect all “end-of-life” Sony products.

Doug Wilson, President & COO, Sony of Canada Ltd said “We are proud to expand our recycling activities and continue the Sony tradition of leadership in environmental awareness and sustainability. While we encourage all consumers to think of ways to re-use their products first, it is important to provide environmentally friendly ways to handle end-of-life Sony products. Sony Canada’s goal is to divert all Sony products from landfill. Sony Canada will offer its customers three new ways to return their Sony products for recycling.”

1. ALL Sony products will be accepted for recycling, at no charge, at any of the 25 non-retail collection sites to be opened across Canada. These sites will accept all Sony products, including larger items like televisions and stereos (which cannot be collected at Sony Style retail stores).

2. HANDHELD Sony electronics will be accepted for recycling, at no charge, at all 79 Sony Style retail stores across Canada. Handheld electronics include camcorders, cameras, Walkman personal stereos, PDAs, and cordless phones. Sony Style retail stores currently accept portable rechargeable batteries and cellular phones for recycling, and offer a notebook trade-in program.

3. ALL Sony products can be mailed in for recycling. Shipping costs are not covered by the program.

To learn more about this program or drop off your old Sony product, please visit the Sony Environment website: www.sony.ca/environment.

Here is a long list of praise for the latest move by Sony to help the environment:

Environment Minister John Gerretsen: “Sony’s recycling program is an excellent example of good corporate and environmental leadership. I congratulate the company for making it easy for consumers to return Sony products when they no longer need them. I expect this program will complement Ontario’s upcoming electronic stewardship program and contribute to increased recycling opportunities for all Ontarians.”

Jed Goldberg, President of Earth Day Canada: “By expanding its recycling program, Sony continues to take a leadership role in helping to deal with the imposing environmental challenge of keeping end of life electronics out of landfill sites.”

we all have Walkmans, old ghetto-blasters, mobile phones that can be taken out from our storage at home. Let’s all do something great today: www.sony.ca/environment