T-Mobile sues Telus over “MyFaves” Plan

Canadian carrier Telus Mobility is being sued by T-Mobile USA Inc. for use of a familiar promotion and plan called “My Faves”. T-Mobile has been promoting this campaign since early 2006 using every medium possible: TV, online, print, radio, billboards.

T-Mobile offers their customers who are signed up for this contract to make unlimited calls to five self-selected phone numbers regardless of who the provider is. Telus has been offering the promotion to new subscribers only since early 2007 the the plan includes unlimited calling and text messaging to five wireless or wireline numbers.

According to a copy of the complaint filed by T-Mobile USA in the Federal Court of Canada, T-Mobile USA said that it filed for trademarks for “myFaves” in February in the U.S. and May in Canada. Telus Mobility has apparently submitted its request for the Canadian trademark in April.

Peter Dobrow, T-Mobile USA spokesman, said that the company “is vigorous in protecting and defending its brand and marks, and will take rightful action against any infringement of its intellectual property.” Telus Mobility has yet to respond.