Nokia to focus on front-facing camera with upcoming ‘Superman’ handset

Daniel Bader

April 28, 2014 2:34pm

HTC currently has the wide-angle “selfie” cam market on lockdown, but Nokia is set to challenge its supremacy with a Windows Phone 8.1-powered device later in the year. According to The Verge, Nokia’s ‘Superman’ model will be a 4.7-inch mid-range device with a 5MP front-facing camera, though it’s unclear whether the lens will be wide-angle like the One M8.

Microsoft, now that it has fully absorbed Nokia’s Devices & Services division, is set to launch new Lumia devices alongside major updates to the OS, two of which are scheduled for the remainder of the year. Nokia announced three new devices alongside Windows Phone 8.1 last month, the high-end Lumia 930 and entry-level Lumia 630 and 635 models, destined for developing markets. Microsoft’s staggered, more rapid rollout of Windows Phone 8.1 updates will further minimize many of the shortcomings of the OS compared to iOS and Android, and the company will almost certainly launch new devices at the same time.

The front camera is quickly becoming another place for manufacturers to differentiate themselves in a selfie-obsessed world, and though the megapixel count hasn’t really changed, the quality of the sensors and lenses have improved significantly. The HTC One M8 bucks the trend by sporting a 5MP camera on the front, which is of a higher resolution than its rear Ultrapixel camera.

Nokia is also slated to launch a device codenamed ‘Goldfinger’ later this year, which was reportedly delayed due to an important gesture-related feature not making it in time to the first rollout of Windows Phone 8.1.

SourceThe Verge
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      lol according to you everything is garbage, BB, Samsung, Nokia..
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    I think they have more plans to do with the front facing camera than just for selfie photos..

  • Jayson Merryfield

    It would be great if, you know, their latest & greatest phones were available in Canada.

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      it’s well known that no one lives in Canada except polar bears, so unless they make a handset specifically for the bear population, then it’s just not going to happen

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      It’s all up to carriers to pick the devices they want on their network.. the better the adoption to Nokia’s phones is, the more new devices we will get.

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      and while the manufacturer gets a money boost when they accept a carrier exclusivity deal, they weaken their brand in the long run because people choose other phones to avoid certain carriers. Shortsightedness FTL.

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    just give us the lumia 1820 already!

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      I want the 1520! 6 inch screens FTW

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      sure and where does this phone exist??
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