Box for iOS updated with new interface, 50GB of free storage for a limited time

Daniel Bader

January 15, 2014 7:23pm

Multi-platform cloud storage provider, Box, has finally updated its iOS app to reflect the design changes in iOS 7. As a result, the team reportedly rewrote the app from scratch, using remote processing to more quickly load documents and photos.

Version 3.0 of the Box app for iOS uses a left-side bar and a series of gestures, like swiping right on a file or folder, to improve overall navigation, and in-app and intra-document search is much faster as well.

To celebrate the launch, Box is offering 50GB of free storage for all users of the iOS app. The company has done this frequently on other platforms, including with the launch of the HP TouchPad tablet and several Android devices.

As storage amounts become less meaningful — Flickr offers 1TB of data for free for photo uploads and Google bundles 1TB of Drive storage with each Chromebook Pixel purchase — it’s what you can do within the ecosystem that becomes important. While Box is focused on the enterprise with its OneCloud app platform, which integrates with a number of popular MDM, CRM and other acronym-heavy categories like Salesforce, NetSuite and Office, it has improved the speed of its regular backup service for individual users.

Though 97% of the Fortune 500 companies use Box, the company is still being outplayed by Dropbox in the mobile sphere; Box 3.0 for iOS certainly comes closer to matching it for design and speed, if not features.

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  • hi


    and, first.

    • kilowiko

      On iOS its icloud first. Sorry.

    • hi

      cross platform>single platform. so dropbox wins.

    • Yulet

      Google Drive>Dropbox

    • hi


    • kilowiko

      More like you+him. Lol

  • Kyle de Wirth

    What doesn’t win is Sugar Sync! I use Dropbox, iCloud, Sugar Sync, Box, and Copy. Dropbox used to rule them all, but the Box sync apps for Windows and OSX have come a long way. The iOS and Android apps I’ve been quite happy with as well… I now use Box more than anything else and its always worked for me. The free 50gbs are a pretty sweet persuader as well I might add. 🙂

  • hyperhyper

    Dropbox has come a long way but their selective sync still stinks. To me, Dropbox was more about ease of use and great marketing than it was feature rich. Using other systems, I’ve come to to learn that if you want proper selective sync, you need to create shortcuts for the directories you want to include/exclude if you have multiple drives or if you do not want to have to index your entire drive.

    Syncplicity used to be the bomb when it came to selective sync (and being able to name the directories something else on other machines) but ever since they went all enterprise, they have gone downhill in terms of feature development and their new UI is terrible as compared to the previous one. Though it does make it easier to use for people who are not very confident using computers.

  • Paddy O’Dee

    50GB of anything is pretty sweet.