BlackBerry sells five buildings and land to the University of Waterloo for $41 million

Ian Hardy

December 20, 2013 2:50pm

A few months ago there were rumours that BlackBerry was shedding some of its office space in Waterloo. This was caused by the organizations cost cutting initiative that included severe job losses in the region.

According to a press release we received, the University of Waterloo has acquired five buildings and much of the surrounding land from BlackBerry for a cool $41 million. U of W says the deal is set to close by February 14th, 2014, and will see them occupy three of the buildings, though BlackBerry will remain a tenant in the other two “for up to five years.” The purchased buildings are BlackBerry 1, BlackBerry 2, BlackBerry 3, BlackBerry 4, and BlackBerry 16, and the company will lease BlackBerry 2 and BlackBerry 4.


Tim Jackson, vice-president, university relations stated, “Space is our biggest constraint, so the opportunity to get space that is essentially on our campus was one that we couldn’t let slip by. The purchase of existing buildings on land contiguous with our campus allows us to strategically consider our accommodation footprint to help us meet our strategic goals.”

This will bring the university 300,000 square feet of additional space and over 1,000 parking spaces.

  • Nadefrenzy

    Stupid university and their administration. However, this is definitely good for the campus outlook.

  • Bbrysucks

    And the shutdown ensues.

    • Acer12345

      Do you do nothing else but bash every BlackBerry article?

    • MatroXX

      It’s his only ‘job’ now; after he was laid off of course…

    • Acer12345

      I can see why he got laid off.

    • TWeasel

      Everyone needs a hobby. “Whatever makes you happy”, is what I always say…

    • It’s Me

      What kind of abuse did you suffer that you seem to take such joy in others failing? It shows a distinct insecurity on your part.

    • Bbrysucks

      I do it simply because its a) the truth, and b) it riles up the useless fanboi shills that circlejerk each other on this site, and only on bb articles.
      Face it. Bb is done. They are done because they suck. They aren’t coming back. And, anyone who thinks otherwise is nothing but a fool.

    • Acer12345

      And you think you’re any better than the “fanboi shills” with your username and mindless rants?

      “They are done because they suck”. Thank you for that wonderful reasoning. You have the mindset of a 13 year old.

    • Bbrysucks

      You don’t have to like it,, but the fact of the matter is that you few wankers doing the bb circkejerk around here are in the minority. The world has spoken,, and they’ve decided that bb must go.

    • MXH070

      Put your tinfoil hat back on and back to the street corner warning all us of the end of world.

    • It’s Me

      So, was it your daddy? Not enough love? Too much “love”?

    • MXH070

      Internet Troll
      A person whose sole purpose in life is to seek out people to argue with on the internet over extremely trivial issues.

  • It’s Me

    From the map, it looks like building 3 was the original Research in Motion building. That’s a shame. That used to be a very prominent building when walking from the engineering or math buildings.

    UW could definitely use the space. Seems like they are throwing up new buildings every year. They even had to open satellite campuses in Kitchener and Cambridge, which is horrible for the students and faculty.

    Nuance just took over one of their other buildings on Phillip too I see.

    • TWeasel

      I think RIM started out in 2. I used to work in 3 (for a different company) back in the mid 90’s and we’d see them over there and wonder what they were up to.

    • It’s Me

      Are you sure? It’s been 20 years or so, but I recall it being the building right across the tracks.

    • TWeasel

      Yup, I’m sure.

  • AP

    There goes the free evening/weekend parking that students enjoyed on the Blackberry campus.

    • It’s Me

      Still lots of spots at the buildings across the street.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    41 more for their pockets and golden envelops

  • Munir

    Did they start selling their chairs and tables yet? I need a comfortable chair for my reading room:)

    • It’s Me

      The tables and chairs and the cubicles and AV equipment probably came with the buildings.

  • Liberal Phone Person

    make it student housing. 40 minute walk in the dead of winter to class really blows.

  • Gerhardt


  • morgan

    Soon it will be just a memory. Can only burn money so long, eventually it runs out